Secure Your Appliance

Deploy your server appliance on customer premise while protecting your proprietary software

  • Protect your software from drive "extract-and-copy"
  • Eliminate the need for trusted on-site staff to start the server
  • Use standard commodity hardware
  • Works with your appliance manufacturer

Protect Your Software

Do you deploy sensitive software to customer premises? Not everything is in the cloud. Protect your software against malicious actors taking out the drive, copying the software... and putting you out of business.

Unattended Operation

Unlike other processes, we enable the appliance to work without a "trusted operator" on site with each reboot to enter the secret key. Once deployed, it is "fire-and-forget".


Uses standard encryption, open design, and works with commodity off-the-shelf hardware. We will work with your appliance vendor, not replace them.


Secure Appliance is a service by Atomic Inc.

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